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Join us for free one question reading only during the lives

*Tarot by Onae

Facebook Live Schedule 

Every Tuesday 7pm, 8pm CST, 9pm EST

Livestream on Tuesday evenings at 8pm EST

on Facebook Tarot by Onae



*Catch me on Spirit Realm Network Tuesday evenings 9pm EST

Upcoming Events

Arizona Renaissance Festival

9 Weekends!


February 4,5

February 11,12

February 18,19,20

February 25,26

March 4,5

March 11,12

March 18,19

March 25,26

April 1,2

Come see me at

my booth

for a reading!


12601 US-60, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118

Look! My booth is right next to the coffee! LOL!!


Globe Paracon, AZ


Gettysburg Bash, PA


Warren's Paracon, CT












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